About Booking Hotel Id

We help accomodation pursue their dream

BookingHotelId is a start up company that focusing on Content Management System (CSM) developer and Internet Booking Engine (IBE) for hotel. We run our start up company by cloud-based system providing a fast and light performance to our client. Indeed, it mainly purposed to maximize hotel / client online revenue by using simple – low cost resources.  

Founded by senior programmer and tech savy person having more than 10 years experience at creating Software as a service (SaaS /sæs/) product and start up company in various brands.

… we are new brands for hotel, however we have expertise:

We are partner of experience hotelier and management who have expertise at revenue yielding from online channel, understand customer behavior and proven tract record to made hotel a lot of profit. 

Please feel free to contact us, for any inquiry or taking a free demo version as well as helpful consultation for your business. Have Fun!

Ardian Yuli - Founder
+62 856-4307-7390